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Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Mon Feb 28 05:25:57 UTC 2022

On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 7:57 AM Sentrytv <sentrytv at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Just wanted to say the swapmeet, to me , was a success.

Glad to hear that you liked it!

> There was definitely quite a few vendors and the foot traffic was almost
> overwhelming before 11am.
> I sold a few items, bought a few, took home some free stuff, ( did I
> really need that) and talked to so many people that I am hoarse today.
> Just would like to thank all involved who made it happen!

Yes. I want to thank Connor, Ian and Jason for coming a few days early and
sorting through the incoming racks and generally cleaning up the warehouse.

And thanks to Adam for coordinating with them as well as expediting the
free stuff onto racks and out the door. As well as posts on social media.

The sea cadets were of great help to manage the gate, help direct people,
heat up the food and help me at the check in desk.

Thanks to Alex, Jonathan and others for helping me setup the day before.

It was a lot of hard work to plan, coordinate, advertise and setup this
event. My reward is happy people.

Now it’s time to rest for a day before going full steam for VCF East

> Next swapmeet I will bring more radio equipment also.
> Looking forward to being outside (hopefully) for the next swapmeet.
> Mike R.
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