[vcf-midatlantic] Volunteer hours for 2021

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Mon Feb 28 15:37:08 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

InfoAge needs an estimate of volunteer hours for their tax return. It
benefits them a lot. The more hours the volunteers report, the better for
Not everyone is using https://www.trackitforward.com/ to keep track of
their hours on a weekly basis, so estimation is necessary now.
If you could estimate how many hours that you volunteered in 2021 including
talking on the phone, meetings, docent duty, repair workshops, etc.
Basically anything that you did for VCF.
I know that this is hard to estimate for the whole year, but it really
helps InfoAge a lot. It shouldn't take too long if you are only estimate.

To make it easier just figure out how many times you did something (i.e.
docent every week for 4 hours, repair workshop every month for 15 hours,
etc.) and the number of hours you spent doing it.
InfoAge needs this quickly as they are preparing their taxes, so if you can
get it to me within a week, then they would appreciate it!

You can send me a private e-mail with the number of hours for the year.


Jeff Brace
VCF National Board Member Chairman & Vice President
Vintage Computer Festival East Showrunner
Vintage Computer Federation is a 501c3 charity
jeffrey at vcfed.org

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