[vcf-midatlantic] Swap Meet feedback: How did it go?

Jeff S jsalzman at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 17:55:02 UTC 2022

I had a level of concern over how this first indoor event would turn out,
especially when it was spread across separate rooms.

I can't begin to guess how the public traveled throughout the event. There
was a lot of traffic, I just don't know if people deliberately went to all
three locations, or even knew where those locations were if they didn't go
to all of them. If we do another indoor swap meet, let's hope we can keep
it as self-contained as possible. This time around, 9032A COULD have been
arranged as an outer loop of tables with vendors sitting between their
tables and the windows, and an inner loop of tables with vendors sitting
inside the ring of tables. I think we could have gotten a few extra vendors
in there. If I recall, we only had a vendor or two in the women's  bunk
room. We may have been able to consolidate the vendors into one building.

But when multiple vendor locations are a necessity, we should split the
"free pile" across all locations. It'll be an incentive to get the public
to visit all the rooms if they weren't otherwise considering it. Those who
came to a FREE event to get only FREE stuff, probably did not stop in the
other two locations.

Of course, with our outdoor version of the event, those ideas are moot.

We need some feedback from the actual vendors themselves, not just those on
this mailing list. I was talking to one vendor at the workshop who came
from Vermont to sell his stuff, AND he got some things he desired at the
swap meet. Those kinds of stories are great to hear, and makes the event a
worthwhile endeavor.

We should also gather as much feedback as possible from the HAM radio
vendors since we invited them to participate. There was one vendor in 9032A
that was a tried and true HAM radio vendor. It looked like he sold some
stuff, and I hope he did well, but his inventory seemed disparate in nature
from the vintage computer vendors around him. I hope to see more HAM radio
vendors in the future, and their feedback now will help us cater to that
hobby in the future.

Let's make this the BEST D&MN event of its kind in this side of the world!

Jeff Salzman

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> Just looking for feedback from everyone.
> What went well?
> What can be improved?
> Feel free to reply to this or send me a private message.
> Thanks!
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