[vcf-midatlantic] Swap Meet feedback: How did it go?

Christian Liendo cliendo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 20:32:29 UTC 2022

Thought it was good overall. I hope VCF made some money given all the
work put into it. That is really the goal of the event.

I don't have much to complain about, it is a work in progress and I
know the VCF team was talking about new ideas and changes to make
things better.

I think it's official to say that doing these events was a good idea.

Positive Feedback:

It was inside, I can't tell you how much I prefer that over outside.

It had food. I know this was a lot of work and I want to recognize the effort.

It had real bathrooms. I know this sounds stupid, but it was great.

I got to see people I like. Which is always a plus.

I didn't sell everything, but that's ok. I made more than the fee and
I was able to afford the food.

Negative Feedback:

Building 9032 where I was at didn't have the crowd that 9001 had. I
spoke to someone who I expected to be in the know around 12:30pm and
he didn't know there was anything in 9032.

Building 9032 had a sign that said "Free Stuff", I actually had
someone assume stuff I was selling was free.

Neutral Feedback:

I agree with McGuire. I used to buy a space at TCF because I wanted to
be there early and be able to buy stuff and walk over to the van.
If you are not charging for entry, then I can see where early access
is a vendor perk. Or make an early access fee for people not selling.

I think noon is too early. I started to pack around 1pm and it seemed
that new people were coming in, but I had to pack because I was losing
a table that Brian brought. I cannot bring a table due to subcompact
car issues. I'm willing to pay a bit for a table if that was an issue.

In the parking lot spaces are well defined. It's easier to say you
have this space number. It's a lot harder in the building.

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