[vcf-midatlantic] Add-on card edge fingers for mock S-100 boards

Joseph Giliberti kd2dhp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 22:43:51 UTC 2022

I've been making basic design plans for my 8080- based homebrew computer.

I want to build the system using the S-100 standard so that I could
potentially add on commercially-built boards later.

I've decided on wire-wrap board construction since the connections are
solid and resistant to damage or corrosion. Plus it just looks so damn

I figure I can use plain perfboard to make the cards, but I need some way
of grafting card-edge fingers onto the board and wrap them into the
circuit, allowing me to connect to card to a standard S-100 backplane.
Is there a premade part in existence to accomplish this, of will this be a
project in and of itself?

Thanks Everyone!
Joe Giliberti

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