[vcf-midatlantic] Memories of 1977

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On the CompuPro boards, they used them on the RAM 16, but the board I have has a 1982 copyright on it, but I was not able to find an introduction date for that chip anywhere.

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    Wondering, are 6116 SRAM too new?
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    > 2114s were pretty dense and common.  There were plenty of 16K S-100 boards
    > with 2114s, and, of course Ohio Scientific.  Two boards would give you 32K.
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    > Greetings!
    > I'm still in planning stages for my homebrew computer and one of my goals
    > is to keep it period appropriate. Part of that is not using any parts or
    > technologies introduced later than 1977.
    > I want my computer to have at least 32k of SRAM. So, by the end of 1977,
    > what was the densest chip commonly available which I won't have to go
    > bonkers trying to locate?
    > Thanks
    > Joe Giliberti
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