[vcf-midatlantic] Add-on card edge fingers for mock S-100 boards

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Jan 13 18:01:29 UTC 2022

> Jonathan Chapman >
> retrobrewcomputers.org 
> Their boards are high-quality modern production with proper hard gold edge plating ...

It wasn't clear if they (Goodman) is offering what they call 
"unbuffered" or "plain" S-100 prototype boards. The buffered board is 
apparently expected to be memory or I/O, not a processor board or 
bus-controlling board such as a new-designed 8080 board as Joe Giliberti 
may be considering. And without detailing the differences, there's 
different flavors of S-100 bus; Joe may desire the earliest kind for 
IMSAI/MITS operation.

Prices at "auction" for old-stock S-100 prototype boards with no 
layouts, as old stock commercial products, seem  to be in the $25-$50 
range plus shipping. The newly produced bare boards at retrobrew, seem 
to be in that range also. The cheapest possible least-desired old S-100 
cards touch that range also, as I've observed. Thus I'd call that range 
"the bottom" for S-100 boards of any sort.

And it's hard to find S-100 connectors below $10 a pop, for that matter, 
they are often more. It's not appreciated, that S-100 PC mount 
connectors came in two pin-widths between the two rows. Different brands 
of backplanes used one or the other. It's a gotcha to buy the wrong 
width connectors for a particular unpopulated backplane.

So much for "standard" S-100. ;)

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