[vcf-midatlantic] My current inventory

Joseph Giliberti kd2dhp at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 07:06:11 UTC 2022


First off, I apologize if I'm flooding the list with my project so say the
word and I'll try and condense things.

Based on feedback from many of you, I've decided to start off in the form
factor of a single board computer. Once the basic machine is running, I can
start thinking about expansion. Here are my basic plans for the system:

   - The computer will be constructed on the prototype board offered to me
   by Bill Dudley
   - Basic I/O will be via hexadecimal keypad and numeric display. This
   will likely mount as a daughter board on top of the prototype board,
   leaving clearance for components underneath and connected via a ribbon cable
   - Contained in ROM will be a machine language monitor and some version
   of TinyBASIC
   - The machine will have either four or eight kB of SRAM
   - The machine will have an audio cassette interface utilizing the Kansas
   City standard for program storage
   - The machine will have either a serial or current loop interface for
   communication with a video terminal or teletype

Once the machine is established and I am comfortable with it, I can move on
to things like more RAM and a floppy disk controller.

My current component inventory, not including TTL and passive components,

   - (1)C8080A
   - (1)C8212
   - (1)C8214
   - (2)C8216
   - (1)C8228
   - (2)C8238
   - (1)C8255
   - (3)C2112A
   - (4)2716DC 2kx8 EPROM
   - (39)P2114 1kx4 SRAM

At this point, I'll stay quiet for a bit and let other projects occupy my
time, whilst continuing to study and gain knowledge.

Joe Giliberti

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