[vcf-midatlantic] S-100 protoboards

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Fri Jan 14 15:35:12 UTC 2022

On Thu, Jan 13, 2022, 11:02 AM Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic <
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> It wasn't clear if they (Goodman) is offering what they call
> "unbuffered" or "plain" S-100 prototype boards. The buffered board is
> apparently expected to be memory or I/O, not a processor board or
> bus-controlling board such as a new-designed 8080 board as Joe Giliberti
> may be considering. And without detailing the differences, there's
> different flavors of S-100 bus; Joe may desire the earliest kind for
> IMSAI/MITS operation.

Josh's "Sea of Plated Holes" Board tries to address this by offering only a
row of 74LS245 bus transceivers therefore maximizing the prototyping area.

See here for an illustration =>


> And it's hard to find S-100 connectors below $10 a pop, for that matter,
> they are often more. It's not appreciated, that S-100 PC mount
> connectors came in two pin-widths between the two rows. Different brands
> of backplanes used one or the other. It's a gotcha to buy the wrong
> width connectors for a particular unpopulated backplane.
> So much for "standard" S-100. ;)
> Regards, Herb Johnson

It was my understanding that only the Altair backplane had a different row
spacing for it's connectors. Everything that I have seen since (IMSAI,
Ithaca, TEI, CompuPro, Cromemco) used the same .250 row spacing.



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