IBM xSeries 350 / Netfinity 6000

skogkatt007 at skogkatt007 at
Sat Jan 15 20:56:15 UTC 2022

 I need 1 (or the other). I don't know in which way they're related. I'm pretty sure they use the same basic mobo. I have a sneaking, but currently entirely unfounded suspicion the N* is a desktop or floor standing tower. Which even to me seems unlikely as the mobo is so big (15"+ on a side). Both are quad PIII Xeon equipped, or have the potential to be.

Don't care if it works or not (would be nice). I really just need the case and any accompanying ancillaries. I procured the mobo on eBay, very cheap (but not as much any longer), and looking to have a little fun. I dry fitted a modern case and it could be work in a broad sense. Methinks it would be better to have the actual rack mount (or deskside?) case.

I just watched xmen and x2 last night for the first time. So much hokum. Don't know what the big deal was about.  

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