[vcf-midatlantic] [OT] light bulb collector/museum

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 21:40:59 UTC 2022

Chris Fala noted this interview with a light bulb collector:

My take is that the interviewer was somewhat condescending.
Worst of all: no links or information on how to visit the museum
in the video or the accompanying text.

I was hoping to follow up because I'm curious about other lighting
technologies such as

The Nernst lamp: didn't require a vacuum!

The "Moore lamp" refers to a neon bulb used in a Nipkow disk,
and long Carbon Dioxide tubes that first lit a NJ store:

The Cooper-Hewitt mercury lamp was an early technology
that photographers loved despite the odd color:

Jason Perkins noted
> I used to have a collection of burnt out lamps
> of all different kinds and sizes. Annoyingly,
> I added the pram battery from an original Mac
> to the bin at one point, which leaked and off gassed,
> ruining all the bases of the lamps.

I'm having similar problems with things stored as properly-as-possible.
Some plastics, rubber or foam deteriorates into dust,
or just cracks when flexed.
Equipment rubber feet love to turn into a gooey slime
that ruins anything beneath it.
I even had a drafting template outgass and destroy all those near it.

-- jeff jonas

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