[vcf-midatlantic] Items available

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Jan 28 17:44:32 UTC 2022

>  We did that over at LSSM; we have thousands of pounds of manuals in the 
> scanning queue.  I worked hard setting it all up; we have very nice 
> high-speed production scanners and a workflow to PDF/a format all set up. 
> But the scanners sit idle, because nobody is willing to do the work.
>             -Dave

Someone gave me 4 bankers boxes of SCUBA diving mags, in addition 
to a pile of Apple and TRS-80 magazines and newsletters.

I used a friend's Brother machine and 3 computers. Chopped the binding, 
scanned it, tossed it. Sent all the magazines to Archive.org.

Took a while. But stuff in a whole item, come back when it's done?

Sit it next to your desk and feed it while working on other things!

 			- Ethan

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