[vcf-midatlantic] Another T-Shirt Rescue (DEC Alpha)

Adam Michlin adam.michlin at vcfed.org
Fri Jan 28 21:41:13 UTC 2022

Hi Everyone,

After leaving Amdahl, my father went to a couple of other companies
including Synopsys, Cadence, and Transitive Technologies (which made
the original dynamic binary translation software for Apple's PowerPC
to x86, aka Rosetta, a story for another time).

Some time in there, he gave me a tshirt he got from who knows where
that DEC was using to promote the then new Alpha chip. I was so
excited because I had just read about the Alpha in Byte magazine and
was in the middle of the study of computer architecture and knew this
was going to be the next great thing (oh well). I've been wearing it
up until about a year ago when it had all but become tatters. I never
did get to play with an Alpha machine, but so it goes...

Dean Notarnicola was nice enough to scan it and Javier Rivera cleaned
it up for reprinting. Neither Dean, myself, or I (or VCF) receives any
money from the sale and yeah, we know DEC (now owned, I believe, by
HP) might copyright strike us so get it while you can.


Best wishes,


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