[vcf-midatlantic] Trade / wish list for the Feb 26th swap meet?

Andrew Diller dillera at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 18:50:23 UTC 2022

Here are some images of the MicroVAX:


https://i.imgur.com/QqtpE0s.jpg <https://i.imgur.com/QqtpE0s.jpg>
https://i.imgur.com/Ewb7Tbx.jpg <https://i.imgur.com/Ewb7Tbx.jpg>
https://i.imgur.com/Csq2jvD.jpg <https://i.imgur.com/Csq2jvD.jpg>
https://i.imgur.com/60Nto25.jpg <https://i.imgur.com/60Nto25.jpg>

System images were taken just now, the board images a while ago. It's been in a climate controlled basement since 2019 (when I got it). I tried to do the PXE boot-thing for VAX but was never able to make it all work together. I don't know if the floppy or tape drive work, prb. need some TLC.

You may notice a Gesswein MFM emulator - that would _NOT_ be included, but it simply has an image of the HD that is included. The HD works and spun up, but I didn't want to put more wear on it.

If you know DMG, I'm sure he can give you the lowdown on this thing better than I can.


> On Jan 30, 2022, at 1:12 PM, Andrew Diller <dillera at gmail.com> wrote:
> You are in luck. I have a working (boots but not all the way into openBSD) MicroVax II in the BA-123 'under the desk' chassis I want to trade for some Lisa or SGI equipment. Maybe sell if I can't trade.
> It's stacked with ethernet, 12M RAM and like 10-12 serial ports on the back. Tape drive, sloppy drive and HD.  I have a VT220 (the one that you connect to a CRT) and a another VT2xxx something I use on the MicroVax...
> If you are interested contact me off list and I'll bring it up to the swap meet, and can send some pictures.
> -andy
>> On Jan 30, 2022, at 12:22 PM, Dave Shevett via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
>> Hi everyone, new to the list - I'm hoping to make it to the swap meet
>> on Feb 26th, and I'm wondering if folks have a few things I'm looking
>> for...
>> * AT&T 3b1 / 7300 / UnixPC hardware - looking for an actual 3b1, but
>> also for boards and media.
>> * AT&T 605 terminal(s)
>> * Nothern Telecom Displayphone (hah, unlikely, but I want to toss it out there)
>> * DEC terminals - specifically any VT2x+ terminals (Have several
>> VT100's already)
>> * DEC micro- hardware.  Talking microvax, micropdp11, and Pro350 -
>> specifically the 'under desk vertical cased' machines
>> * DEC VK100 / GIGI terminal (a barco monitor with it would be amazing)
>> More traditionally
>> * TRS-80 Model III and Model 1 hardware
>> * Non-bulky ascii terminals (altos terminals would be wonderful)
>> And, because I'm the Handheld guy, any handheld computers.  My
>> wishlist / current collection is here:
>> https://planet-geek.com/vintage-handheld-computers/
>> I have to offer:
>> * Osbourne 1
>> * Kaypro 2, Kaypro 4, maybe a Kaypro 10?
>> * Several HP calculators
>> * Coleco Adam complete
>> Looking forward to seeing folks...
>> -d
>> -- 
>> Dave Shevett
>> shevett at pobox.com

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