[vcf-midatlantic] OT: PC donations to Red Bank Regional High School (Little Silver, NJ)

Adam Michlin adam.michlin at vcfed.org
Mon Jan 31 22:22:37 UTC 2022

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, I teach computer science at Red Bank Regional
High School in Little Silver, NJ. I'm trying to help my colleague who
teaches IT.

He does a lot of projects where the students take apart computers and
put them back together (a project near and dear to mine and many of
your hearts), but his class sizes are outpacing his supply of PCs.

I'm hoping to collect 10-15 not so vintage PCs (core 2 duos and P4s
are fine, but obviously we won't complain about better machines). The
key is they have to be normal sized PCs, the kind that make it
relatively easy for a 9th or 10th grader student to take it apart and
put it back together. So no small form factor PCs or laptops.

These would be donations and individual machines are fine.  If you
happen to be downsizing your desktop PCs at the office, that would be
even better. Working or not working.

I can pick up in most of NJ and will be at the VCF Swap Meet at
InfoAge on February 26th, as well. Please contact me directly off list
at <adam.michlin at vcfed.org> if you have any offers or questions.

Thank you for your consideration,


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