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> Did you know that a sister show of "The Real World" was "Road Rules" where
> they did challenges on the road.
> One of the contestants on one of the seasons had port-scanned the
> production company and found an open SMB network share. He managed to get
> hold of their documents related to the casting, which had the the types of
> psychological profiles they were looking for. He adapted himself to meet
> one of them to a tee and managed to get on the show.
> On the show he was wearing a hat that said "r00t" which at the time was a
> "hacking group" that had released a few zero day vulnerabilities. In IRC
> on efnet a few of the people from that group were on there and when I
> asked them they said they had never heard of this guy, didn't know him,
> but it was crazy their name was on TV. Had made at a mall embroidery
> operation it seemed. They never had any hats or real branded merch.
> Nothing was said at this point about anything related to computers or
> anything from the contestant on the show, just had that hat.
> Later in the season he was in a fight with some girl and threatened to
> hack into her school and change her grades. That is the first time the
> computer thing came out (other than the r00t hat.) Then after the season
> more details came out about him getting hold of all their internal docs
> and social engineering his way onto their show.
> Pretty crazy. Ahh just googled "Abe Ingersoll" was the guy.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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