[vcf-midatlantic] Old "beige boxes" free to a good home

William Dudley wfdudley at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 16:22:36 UTC 2022

All the beige boxes are gone.

If there are any you had your heart set on, but didn't act fast enough,
Please contact Mike Rosen (sentrytv at yahoo.com) and he will likely
help you out.  The only one he really wanted was the big Gateway tower.

Also, no's 6 and 11 went to another person yesterday, so they're really
really gone.

Thanks all for your interest.
Bill Dudley

This email is free of malware because I run Linux.

On Sat, Jun 18, 2022 at 10:05 PM William Dudley <wfdudley at gmail.com> wrote:

> They're not all beige, but most of them are.  These are "too new" for the
> museum, but I figure some of you are fixing up 1990's boxes so you can
> demo Windows 3.0 or Desqview or Linux installed from floppies.
> These are mostly early Pentium boxes (one Athlon).  Some are empty cases,
> most have motherboards.  Most have no hard disk.
> The item numbers match the numbers on the units in the photo.  I'm happy
> to supply better photos or more information.  Floppy drives are 3.5"
> except box
> 10 which has a 5" floppy.
> All the units are in Jackson, NJ.  Shipping OK at your cost, or I can
> deliver
> to central NJ.  Take one, take all, the rest will be scrapped, as much as
> I hate to see things go to landfill.
> Note that No. 11 has monochrome video and includes an amber monochrome
> monitor.
> It was my home router for many years, hence the 3 Ethernet cards.  It used
> to boot
> Linux Router Project off the floppy.  It runs the BIOS code successfully,
> but it won't
> boot because the cmos battery is flat.  (NIC == ethernet)
> I don't want to start breaking these units and sending people things like
> floppy
> drives;  If you want a floppy, take the whole box and deal with the rest
> of it.
> (That is my position at present.)
>    1. mini tower: 1 GHz cpu, 2 HD, floppy, CDRW, NIC, sound, video
>    2. mid tower w/DVDRW, otherwise EMPTY.  Transparent side panel, built
>    in handle on the top; apparently for the "gamer" market.
>    3. mid tower Pentium II, NIC, sound, video.  Has HD in a removable
>    carrier, plus a second empty carrier.  (I need to find one of those stupid
>    little barrel keys so I can unlock the carrier that has a drive in it.)
>    4. Dell mid tower: silver front, Celeron, no RAM, has DVDRW, HD, Vista
>    license sticker
>    5. "Athlon 64 3000+" 2GB RAM 3" floppy SCSI CDROM mid tower
>    6. Acer "1120SX", but replaced original mother board with 386
>    motherboard (no HD/CD) floppy, NIC, video; small desktop form factor
>    7. Packard Bell pizza box: 200M Pentium CDR floppy 850M HD
>    8. Compaq mid tower: Pentium RAM floppy video
>    9. "Comtrade" mid tower: AMD K6 233 sound, NIC, Tseng video, 192k RAM
>    ASUS MB (if the post-it note is to be believed).
>    10. Gateway 2000 tower: DVDRW 5" floppy, otherwise EMPTY
>    11. "IMAGE" desktop: 386 3 NICs, 3 1/2" floppy, monochrome video card,
>    w/ amber monitor
> Bill Dudley
> Jackson, NJ

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