[vcf-midatlantic] Museum and Warehouse report

Douglas Crawford touchetek at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 06:54:06 UTC 2022

Should this be sent to the whole mailing list?
Seems like just Jeff, Docent and steering committee issue.

On 6/16/2022 5:25 PM, Adam Michlin via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> As discussed and approved, I took the PowerPC OS/2 machine and will
> get that to Connor. Either he'll fix it at the workshop or he will
> take it home, fix it, and bring it back to the July workshop. I'll
> communicate here either way.
> I'm bringing three recently donated 486 class machines to the System
> Source Workshop. One is for my project of building a DesqView machine
> (which may never become an exhibit - just a fun project for me).
> Hopefully either Dean or Alex (or both) can take one or both of the
> other machines on for the Linux 1992 exhibit.

(This is good for the whole list I guess)
> I'm a bit confused by the changes in the museum, I initially thought
> the Pong machine was missing, but realized it is now hidden. I'm
> concerned that this might upset one of our most important volunteers
> and one of the owners of the machine, Bill Lange, and I don't quite
> understand why it was done without discussion. Can someone enlighten
> me? Hopefully before Bill sees it. At the very least, I hope we can
> communicate with him before he visits again.
This was done to keep the kids from racing to it.  They get to see it
and use it after the tour.  It was causing a lot of problems when it
was visible from the door. Especially with the school tourse coming through.
> The Zenith machine is pinch hitting for the Mega STe for now (as I
> found it) and I dropped off a period correct speaker box for the Mega
> STe on loan from Dean so when the Mega STe returns (any day now, I
> understand) we will have sound for the MIDI demo. I trust we won't
> need a vote to put the Mega STe back in, but let me know if we need to
> do so. The former Zenith table is empty, which is a perfect
> opportunity to put in the Micro VAX (Hi Dave!). VMS lives!
> As I found things, the Data General was moved over near the Wang,
> which makes sense to me, but just so everyone knows. The 1992 exhibit
> was moved under the Atari (regular) ST and VIC-20, which confuses me.
> The mouse exhibit was moved where the Pong machine used to be, which
> I'm ambivalent about.
Its a decent place.  Anywhere near the GUI machines makes it in context.
Much better than where it was at the back.
> The featured exhibit quite possibly will become the Franklin Red
> Lightning prototype Tony is going to donate. I suggest we hold off
> until next week on any motions so we can see if the OS/2 PowerPC box
> is going to be resurrected this weekend.
> The warehouse is basically as it was after East although I did grab a
> piece of the UNIVAC that was accidentally left by System Source. Dave
> and I are on the look out for a PDP-11 clone in a nondescript carrying
> case, so if anyone sees such a thing, let us know.
Are you saying there SHOULD BE a PDP-11 clone in a case somewhere in the 
> Best wishes,
>       -Adam

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