[vcf-midatlantic] Mega STe disk solutions

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Sun Jun 26 16:53:32 UTC 2022

> Is there anything you recommend or recommend avoiding ?
> Thanks!
> John

I use a Megasatan on my Mega ST. I used standoffs and mounted it to the 
metal sheild so the SD cards area ccessible through the accessory card 
slot in the rear. It's connected internally to the header.

When it came to my Atari STacy, I was feeling cheap. I went with the 
ASCI2SD thing that uses the blue pill STM32 board. The good news is it 
works fine, the bad news is that they were using cut down DB25 connectors 
and it wasn't really setup for the pin header that you find internal to 
the STacy (which is probably similar to the pin header internal to the 
Mega 2.)

I started to CAD out a board that would replace the DB19 on an Atari ST 
with a shim, then mount a ASCI2SD on top so that the SD card and update 
USB port are accessible through the hole where the DB19 is on say a 520ST. 
But haven't finished it. My goal was to make the pinout from the shim to 
the board identical to the STacy header so it's dual use. But never 
finished it all. I figure 520 STs are kind of useless and suck since the 
floppy is external, but if you did a ASCI2SD internal and one of those RAM 
upgrades -- then it's pretty killer and compact. I didn't know (but not 
surprised) about the FujiNet, will be interesting to see what it is like 
and what form factor.

  The SCSI2SD is cool, but I have a lot of random vintage computers and at 
$90 a system it gets cost prohibitive. So I am digging the blue pill SCSI 
stuff (Props to Ben who introduced me to it.)

 		- Ethan

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