[vcf-midatlantic] Best source for capacitors

Jonathan Chapman lists at glitchwrks.com
Mon Jun 27 22:54:17 UTC 2022

> Mouser or Digi-Key?

Like everyone else says, use big-name vendors only. At this point I'd say no to Jameco, I've had fake IC issues with them.

> Nichicon and Panasonic

Also Rubycon, Wurth, and CDE/Illinois Capacitor. We do tend to only order Nichicon for low ESR.

> Unfortunatley axials are getting hard to find, so I often sub in radial
> for axials so I can get high quality.

CDE/Illinois Capacitor still produces a lot of the Mallory part #s for axial, that's 99% of what we order for axial. The rest are Vishay (well, really, other companies Vishay has absorbed!). Sprague still makes caps too.

On X/Y safety caps, I actively avoid Kemet nowadays. They seem to have purchased RIFA and make caps that look *exactly* like original RIFAs. For the larger values I use poly caps usually from WIMA. For small values, say 2200 pF and less, I use ceramic X/Y dual rated caps as they're smaller than the originals and means stocking one thing only.


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