[vcf-midatlantic] Best source for capacitors

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Mon Jun 27 23:30:32 UTC 2022

Micro Center has a DIY section or aisle and they do have capacitors from 470 µF to I think 1500 µF at about 25v to 35 V some at 16 V
They do go out of stock quite often and don’t restock occasionally but when I go there I stock up on capacitors I need I need of transistors diode and resistors

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> In all my years of collecting and using computers, and that’s 100s of computers and video game systems, I’ve never had a capacitor go or needed to replace one.  Until now!  Power supply filter cap on a TRS-80 Model 4.  So where do you guys go for parts?  I’m not looking to stock up, just need some one-offs (probably the X caps.)  Do you just go to Mouser or Digi-Key?  Does anyone have spares?
> Bob Shuster

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