[vcf-midatlantic] Swap Meet feedback: vendor early access

skogkatt007 at yahoo.com skogkatt007 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 19:25:05 UTC 2022

I was not exhibiting anger, but a measure of frustration at continually hearing how vendors are the whole show. I had a reasonably good time at this show, more so the last albeit.

There's nothing wrong with suggesting the rules be made more fair. Feedback was requested and provided. If ⁴4people want to pretend that something less then a gushing review constitutes anger, that's their business.
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A lot of anger in that response. It's fact of experience, that some 
people will be angry about money; theirs or someone else's.

This poster, myself, and others, have suggested a number of rules 
followed by various organizations at various times. To me that makes a 
point, that there's not a single classic solution to these matters of 
what is sold when to whom, or who is charged for access to these events.

Resolutions and rules won't please everyone; and as pointed out, rules 
can be circumvented. Practices and rules state an intention, and 
intentions are half the battle. The rest is up to individuals, as they 
act or not.

That's what I draw from the discussion.

Regards, Herb Johnson

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