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My 2c... I was not at the swap meet, but I can give some insight into the hundreds of hamfests I've been to (take it or leave it as to the applicability of these experiences).

First, they all charge entrance fees even for buyers. It can be modest, but they all do it. This is, after all, a swap meet. If it was just an educational exhibit and you want to encourage attendance from non-vintage computing visitors, then I can see the value in free attendance. But this is for like-minded people to buy and sell stuff, so I would consider a nominal entrance fee for buyers as well.

Second, in the world of hamfests, the people who buy tables (sellers) get first crack at the booty. Period. Some hamfests "discourage" trading before the gates open, but it always happens. There was a period in my life when I was a net buyer of stuff and I wanted the choicest items.  For myself and my friends, if we wanted access to the good stuff, we bought our own vendor pass and entered early with the other vendors, even when we weren't selling anything. Others at these hamfests are not in a rush to buy the choicest items (the current period of my life) and so we're happy to come in with all the other buyers.

Bottom line: Want access to the best stuff? Pony up the extra dough for a vendor ticket and join the party. Don't care about the best stuff and are happy with whatever stuff is still available? Come in with all the buyers. Either way, it will help raise additional money for the club when most clubs can definitely use the extra money.

2c (now worth 1c for inflation)

73 Eugene W2HX
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