[vcf-midatlantic] Fwd: [IA ORG Leads] Bldg 9010D - Volunteer Center

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Tue Mar 15 19:45:36 UTC 2022

Please read the message below from Mike Ruane, CEO of InfoAge. Just an FYI
that he wanted me to pass on to our group.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Jeff Brace
VCF National Board Member Chairman & Vice President
Vintage Computer Festival East Showrunner
Vintage Computer Federation is a 501c3 charity
jeffrey at vcfed.org

---------- Forwarded message ---------
To All -
Please pass out to all your members that the Volunteer Center is going to
be very busy now and in the months ahead.
As such, the building will be occupied by various groups of men, women and
children from faith-based groups, VCF-E attendees, boy and girl scouts, sea
cadets, school groups, etc.
When occupied by any of these groups, the building is OFF LIMITS!!  We
recently had the case of one of our male volunteers walking into the
building unannounced while women were present.  This is unacceptable and
could lead to problems for InfoAge and the individual(s) involved.
Mike Ruane
CEO of InfoAge

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