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Jeff the only way you could’ve made it any clearer, 
 and by the way you did a wonderful job so far,
Is to provide an attachment with the map as you described it.
Yes I know we can’t put attachments in these emails, maybe we can fix that at some point.

But a link to the location of the VCF page or the InfoAge  page with the maps of the buildings as you described certainly would be helpful!

And when sending out notifications for events, adding such a link would be very helpful.

In the past six months I have become much more familiar With the building layout than in the past.


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Whenever I talk about a building at InfoAge I use the original building
designations to make it objective in the description. Otherwise I would
have to come up with several subjective descriptions that are different and
lengthy and vary based on the person.

I've been wondering what I could do to help people understand which
building I'm talking about without getting into a lengthy description. The
original building numbers are painted on each of the buildings (i.e. 9032).
There are different sections of each building (i.e. A, B, C, D). The
subjective description for 9032-A is "where we have the vcf east exhibits",
"where we used to have our repair workshops", "the big open room", "the big
room down the ramp from the ballroom", "Where the World of IBM was last

I can of course provide maps such as through Google Maps, InfoAge created
maps that are on the website, or maps that VCF members have created. I've
even thought about taking photographs and video walkthroughs to make it

Here are some common buildings that I refer to. It starts out with the
official objective designation followed by a subjective one:
9001 - "The Hotel", "The Marconi Hotel", "The Red Brick Building", "The one
with the front desk and lobby", "The main building", "The one by the front
gates". It Includes a few museums, the lobby, front desk,
administrative offices, dining room.
9032 - Includes for sections labeled A, B, C, D.
Section A is where we have exhibits, repair workshops, etc,
Section B is the shipwreck museum
Section C are many museums that go to the hallway heading toward the radio
Section D is the radio museum.

Broadway - Long hallway which is the backbone of the "H" building which
includes four long buildings 9010, 9011, 9036, 9037. Each of these has 4
sections with a letter: A, B, C, D.

9010 - Includes four sections labeled A, B, C, D.
Section A - VCF museum, Model train museum, Wireless telegraph museum
Section B - Unfinished space, future VCF Museum (4.0)
Section C - "Where we had consignment at VCF East", Cafeteria, future Radar
and Electronic warfare museum.
Section D - "Where we have the main talks at VCF East", Bunkrooms and

9011 - Sections A, B, C, D, Military Vehicles Museum and storage.

9036 -
Section A - VCF Warehouse
Section B - Empty
Section C - Future VCF warehouse.
Section D - Storage

9037 -
Section A - Storage
Section B - Storage
Section C - Storage
Section D - Storage

9059 - "CDL", "IXR", "Where we have our repair workshops". Building with a
room that is called "The Classroom" and is used by many groups and another
room which is the workbench area and CDL's space.

There are many other buildings with numbers, but these are the most common
ones that I refer to.

So how could I make it clearer to each of you so that you know what I'm
talking about when I say 9032-A for example?

Jeff Brace
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Vintage Computer Festival East Showrunner
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