[vcf-midatlantic] Sell/Trade/Give Away at 3/26-3/27 Repair Workshop

Dan FitzGerald danjfitzgerald at comcast.net
Thu Mar 24 11:45:43 UTC 2022

So I dumpster dive and I have amassed a small pile of things that I
don't want but suspect that other people will.  I'm hoping to take all
of the following items to this weekend's repair workshop in the hopes
of removing them from my basement and finding them a good home!

   - Sony 13" Trinitron television, dated 12/1993.  Working and in good
   condition, remote control missing - $25
   - IBM ThinkPad 700C PS/2 (one of the ThinkPad launch models).  Not
   working, has some display issues and gives an error code about the hard
   disk.  $20 OBO (because thats what I paid for it at the flea market)
   - IBM USB Portable 1.44" Diskette Drives.  I have about four of these,
   most with a fabric case and at least one still wrapped in plastic - $5
   - RCA 13" XL-100 color UHF/VHF television, dated 7/1981.  Does not
   work, I suspect (hope?) this is an easy fix for somebody who knows what
   they are doing - Free
   - Textbook on circuit theory: "The Dynamics of Digital Excitation",
   Masakazu Shoji (1998) - Free

If any of these tickle your fancy (and you're going to be around this
weekend), let me know in advance and I will set them aside for you. 
I'm also willing to trade them or offer them as credit towards the
price of the following items

   - IBM PC or PC/XT keyboard
   - IBM PCjr Keyboard
   - Apple ADB keyboard for a IIGS
   - (Why the heck is it always the keyboards that are missing??)
   - An IDE hard disk controller card that will work with my stock PC/AT
   model 099
   - An AT-class ethernet card that I can easily get working without
   bungling for a packet driver shim and a prayer (eg: Novell NE1000,
   NE2000 and clones).  I'll have the AT there with me this weekend if you
   need to prove to me that it can work without me tearing my hair out)


Dan FitzGerald

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