NJ Makers group on FB

m simons msimonsmail at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 02:48:23 UTC 2022

    I reactivated the NJ Makers group on FB.  I spent a lot of time looking for lists and things for spaces in and around NJ and surrounding states and found most of them were outdated, or no longer there.   If you're active on FB, or even if you are only there to maintain a page for a club or group, maker space, local library, school, scout troop, or whatever, I'd like to invite y'all to join us and let us know about what you're doing as an individual or a group project.  Lots of stuff that VCF does and other groups at InfoAge would be appropriate of course, so please help to spread the word.. I think there's a lot of people in the group that haven't heard of VCF, InfoAge, etc. 


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