[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Docent training

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Thu May 5 12:51:21 UTC 2022

Now that VCF East 2022 is over and I've started to wind down with post
mortems, sending thank you emails, surveys, meetings, etc. and other post
event cleanup; I've started to train some new docents:

Rick Lewis
Doug Crawford (he's been docent before, but needs a refresher)
Bart Hirst

I'm starting regularly scheduled training and hope to have docents in a
regular rotation.

If you are interested in being a docent, then send me an email and I will
get you started in the training.

The number of visitors has increased to a normal level in recent months, so
it's important to have docents in the VCF museum during regular business

We are also getting school groups on Wednesdays which is nice to see the
return of groups of students.

There have also been recent events such as NJ Maker's Day, Tour of Old,
Days of Learning and Lecture Series that have brought in many visitors to
InfoAge and VCF in recent months.

It's nice to see the level of visitors to InfoAge and the VCF Museum get
back to normal.

Please tell everyone about InfoAge, which is the diamond in the rough that
not enough people know about. I will sometimes hear from visitors that live
in the same town (Wall Township) that had never heard of InfoAge despite
living in the same town for years. Word of mouth is one way that you can
help get visitors to our museums. So please help us promote it!


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