[vcf-midatlantic] on topic and in tune but out of time :-)

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Sun May 8 02:24:06 UTC 2022

> He uses modern polyphonic analogue synthesisers like the Yamaha CS-80, an
> ARP Odyssey Mk3 and a Roland Jupiter-4,
> a vocoder and an old, malfunctioning phase shifter unit he found in the
> back of the Workshop.
> Gent that he is, he then pops over to the Music Arcade studio to
> demonstrate the extraordinary new Fairlight CMI Series II synthesiser to
> the some kids from St Mary's Balham Primary School and hosts Tim Whitnall
> and Lucie Skeaping.

Nice! That is quite a list of vintage music machines!

Video about the CS-80 synth from Look Mum No Computer, "CS-80 why is it 
worth so much" ($20K+? now?)


 			- Ethan

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