[vcf-midatlantic] FS: Non-Linear Systems X-2 Nixie Meter

Jonathan Chapman lists at glitchwrks.com
Mon May 9 21:25:24 UTC 2022


I don't usually post about test equipment here, but this one is made by Non-Linear Systems, so I figured there's enough overlap that folks might be interested:


NLS is probably better known for the Kaypro series of computers, but they invented the digital multimeter back in the 1950s! Their first unit was an electromechanical beast, using stepping relays and edge-lit numerical displays. This is of course a later model, and is fully solid state, with Nixie tube displays.

I went through the meter around three years ago, replaced a cap in the HV supply for the Nixie anode voltage, reformed the logic and analog supply caps, and cleaned up a previous repair that was causing excessive leakage on the 1000V range. A basic calibration was done following the manual, using a Fluke 343A DC Calibrator and a calibrated Fluke 8842A. Three years later, it's still holding calibration!

Anyhow, I'm letting it go as I don't use it much, I have a number of Nixie meters, and though this one is both very nice and historically significant, it's DC-only. The option boards for AC and ohms conversion are not present. The schematics are available, and it'd be possible to recreate them on protoboard with the appropriate Elco connectors.


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