[vcf-midatlantic] An idea for preservation and a proposal for the future of the VCF's library of written media.

Lou despairempire at gmail.com
Fri May 13 13:58:29 UTC 2022

Hello all, I don't speak much on here often enough but I have been on the
list and in the community for a little while now. Something came to mind
the other night when I was doing research on preservation of physical book
printed/written media and came to find not only several different kinds of
methods and businesses that can scan these forms of media to a digital form
but there are also scanners that exist which can do this job well without
it being destructive to the books. The issue of course is that these
scanners are by no means cheap for the average small scale user wanting to
preserve a few of his books/manuals and some of the services out there that
can offer this are either not much cheaper and/or only offer the
destructive method of scanning this media (I.E. unbinding books to scan
individual pages).

After some time thinking about this, hearing some colleges and old
libraries/research facilities having these for their own preservation
efforts a thought came to mind...Why shouldn't the VCF have one for their
own preservation efforts as well?

The idea is simple enough, an investment in a non-destructive book scanner
for the VCF which can be used to back up the existing library of physical
written media, manuals, history, research, and more which can be put into
digital form and be accessible to anyone who needs it without difficulty.
It can help many countless individuals in the community who would need that
information but isn't uploaded or documented anywhere else. A form of
digital preservation and online library could be a great benefit to

Finally, a further benefit is those who have their own materials they wish
to preserve as well could do so with a suggested donation to the museum as
well. It can be a service for other collectors who want to preserve their
media as well and could even be added to the main library! Hosting of these
materials could also be done and uploaded to archive.org to shoulder off
the need of hosting our own site (unless desired of the community). It's a
benefit with no real downside to the museum or the community at large.

I know there will be some finer details to discuss and some minor issues
that might come to light (especially anything involving possible copyright)
but aside from this it can be a useful service for everyone. I just wanted
to bring this idea forward to see what everyone thinks of it.

Thanks for reading this out!


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