[vcf-midatlantic] Strange Commodore 1581 floppy drive issue

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Mon May 16 17:37:41 UTC 2022

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> Good Morning All. I am seeking some help from some Commodore experts with a
> Commodore 1581 floppy Disk drive.
> Some background:
> I've been an IT specialist specializing in IBM and compatible PCs since the
> early 90's. However, I started my computing journey with the TRS-80 model
> III and  Commodore 64. I fell in love with the C64, and it began my start
> in a very successful career in IT. (see attach photo of my c64 setup in
> 1986 LOL)

Keep in mind that this mailing list doesn't support attachments. You would
need to supply a link.

I'm glad that others have been able to offer troubleshooting tips. If you
need help with anything with testing other equipment that is known working,
then let me know. I'm at the VCF museum every weekend.

I hope that you can solve your problem. I have a 1581 that I got when there
were closeout sales around 1991 or so. I also was lucky to get an FD-4000
which is the largest capacity floppy drive for the C64 at 4MB unformatted
and 2.88MB formatted.

Like you the C64 was my first home computer and is dear to my heart. Love
this machine.

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