[vcf-midatlantic] List of Vintage Computer Streamers and Podcasters

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Fri May 20 03:48:27 UTC 2022

I'm making a list of Streamers and Podcasters. I don't know all of them, so
please let me know any that I'm missing:

The 8-bit Guy
LGR (Lazy Game Reviews)
The Retro Hour
The Guru Meditation
Mac 84
Chicken Lips Radio
Kay Savetz
TRS-80 Trash Talk
Bil Herd
The Road Geek
The Retro Shack
This Does Not Compute
Victor Bart - Retro Machines
Tech Tangents
RMC - The Cave
Retro Spector 78
Retro Recipes
Retro Hardware
Phil's Computer Lab
Nostalgia Nerd


Jeff Brace

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