[vcf-midatlantic] ZX81/TS1000 with a modern TV

Bob Shuster bob at theshusters.com
Mon May 23 20:21:19 UTC 2022

So I have two (2) Sinclair ZX81s (US version - one is still an unbuilt kit), and three (3) Timex-Sinclair 1000s.  I’ve connected them to a TV using an RCA-coax adapter and tuned to the correct channel, but I get a grey screen with the “K” cursor visible.  I’m unable to get past this.  This is for all four units.  They seem to tune in white momentarily then switch to fuzzy grey - with the “K” still visible.  This was both on a large 4K OLED set and a small HD LED TV, and I suspect they are just too new to deal with the monochrome signal.  I don’t have a CRT TV to test with, just old monitors (which of course don’t have antenna connections.)

Any advice?  I’m selling these, so I’m not getting into modding them, just want to confirm they’re working properly.

Bob Shuster

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