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Absolutely agree that old "microcontrollers" are relevant.

Old ones, yes. When I posted that microcontroller discussion should be
semi-OT I meant the new ones.

I really don't think they even use that phrase any longer for the new
stuff, eg Raspberry PI, et al
I think only for the Arduino style boards since its still an 8bitter, but
even the newer Arduino boards are 32bit processors now
They are more apt to refer them as SoC's in regard to the new Processors
Because of their complexity, either 32bits or 64bits cpu, and a Buttload of
I/O interfaces
And so they are regarded more as a Embedded controller, even though it's a
old term, indicating their advanced complexity.

This is dangerous territory. There are plenty of absolutely current
processors which just happen to be 8-bit architectures. 8-bits doesn't
imply anything at all about age. (I know YOU know this, this is mainly
for the benefit of folks here who might be stuck on certain assumptions)

And I sincerely hope nobody here actually considers RPi to be a
"microcontroller"...with its video, keyboard/mouse interface, network
interface... Wow. ;)

There are a lot of gray areas and certainly quite a bit of overlap.

8035/8047/8051 Familes - Microcontroller (love the 8052, a ton of RAM at 256Bs!)

8018x - Microcontroller

Z180 - Microcontroller (my Circuit Cellar/Micromint boards run on these)

Z8 - Microcontroller (I think)

6800 - Microprocessor (no internal RAM/ROM)

6802 - Microcontroller (? has RAM, no ROM)

6807 - Microcontroller (I have one with a piggy back for EPROM)

68HC11 - Microcontroller (I have the A0 which has the ROM disabled)

AVRs - Microcontrollers

PIC32 - Microcontroller (well that's what they're call by Microchip though some could be SoC)

ARM - Oh I give up ;-). Many are Microcontrollers but since ARM is licensed IP and not hardware it's up to the manufacturer.

BTW, I recall the TMS1000 and F8, never had one.  And sorry if I didn't cover your favorite chip. :-)